Investor Relations

Nature of Business

The Group engage in residential property development business, including condominium projects, townhome projects, investment and trading real estate business, real estate brokerage service business and other real estate-related business.

The Group focus on real estate project development in the area of mass transit infrastructure, especially BTS green line and MRT blue line so as to address the new generation’s need by emphasizing on practical functionality, modern design with fully-furnished furniture, and best use of common area and green area at an affordable price to the customers.

All Inspire“Class of Living”

As of 30 September 2019, the Group has launched in total 19 projects with total project value of approx. 24,000 million Baht, in different types of projects as follows.

  • Completed projects (construction completed and fully transferred): 5 projects (5 low rise condominium projects)
  • Construction completed and on process of transferring projects: 4 projects (3 low rise projects and 1 townhome project)
  • On construction and on process of sale projects: 4 projects (4 low rise projects)
  • To be developed and on process of sales projects: 6 projects (4 low rise projects and 2 high rise projects)

Type of Products and Services

1. Residential Property Development Business

The Group’s residential development projects can be divided into 2 types, condominium projects and townhome projects.

Condominium Projects

The Group develop both low-rise condominium projects and high-rise condominium projects with focus on the area of mass transit infrastructure under the following brands.

Townhome Projects

“The Vision” is townhome project developed by the Company

The project is located in downtown area that is accessible to main roads and CBD area and well equipped with full amenities. The target customers are medium to upper medium level with monthly income of 40,000 to 100,000 THB. The project’s design emphasizes on gross floor area that resembles to single house that is suitable for elderly person, working person, and kids. The Vision is 2-storey and 3-storey townhome projects with the 5 meters and 5.5 meters. At present, there is 1 residential property development projects under “The Vision” brand.

Thai D engage in real estate brokerage service business for international customers who want to involve in residential real estate projects in Thailand such as Chinese, Hong Kongese, Singaporean, Taiwanese, and etc. These international customers are interested in residential real estate projects in Thailand as the pricing of real estate in Thailand is competitively lower than their own countries, and these group of customers also have high purchasing power. Also, these customers yearn for the return on investment and rental of real estate in Thailand as well as using the properties for a short stay or holidays in Thailand. As such, Thai D give real estate brokerage services to the Group’s projects that have foreign quota for sale in accordance with relevant laws and regulations that require freehold ownership of the foreign quota of each project to be no more than 49.0% in terms of salable area of the project. At present, the Group’s projects, especially on Rama 9 Road and Ratchadapishek Road are popular among international customers have also received the good feedback. Moreover, Thai D also give real estate brokerage services to other property developers, whereby the Group will not give services to the projects that may incur conflicts of interest with the Group’s projects.

Investment and trading real estate business originates from the gap of sales channel of property developers, especially small property developers and newly-operated property developers that do not fully fulfill customer needs. As such, the Group see an opportunity in such business gap and have begun the investment and trading real estate business, whereby the Group invest in completed real estate units located in high potential area from other developers that match with the customers’ demand in the market. The Group add value to these units by renovating the units before selling to the end customers who want to see the completed units from well-established developers at reasonable price before making purchase decisions.

In order to give the good experience to the customers, the Group operate property management services to the Group’s projects under its wholly-owned subsidiary called ALL Prop. The Group give services to customers at least 1 year from the 1st day of transferring unit ownership. The scope of services cover from juristic person management service, repair and maintenance, security service and etc. After 1 year of services, the directors of juristic person will select new service provider, whereby ALL Prop could be selected for another service term.