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Corporate Governance Policy

The Group values the principles of good corporate governance and has strictly complied and follow these principal continuously. The Company has good governance manual, business ethics and code of conducts for directors and shareholders in writing as guidelines for directors, executives and employees to comply with. In addition, the Board of Directors also sets up policy regarding good governance that covers the following matter:

  1. The Board of Directors, executives and employees are committed to 6 elements of the Company’s corporate governance as follows:

    ACCOUNTABILITY : Responsibility for one’s own action and decisions and be able to clarify and explain those decisions.

    RESPONSIBILITY : Responsibility for performing duties with competence and efficiency.

    FAIR TREATMENT : Equitable treatment to stakeholders.

    TRANSPARENCY : Transparent and verifiable operations as well as disclosure of transparent information to related person.

    VISION TO CREATE LONG TERM VALUE : Vision to create long term value to the Company

    ETHICS : Conduct business with ethics, establish a fairly connected management structure between directors, executives and shareholders.

  2. The Board of Directors must play a key role in the formulation of corporate vision, strategies, policies and key business plans with due regard for risk factors and suitable risk management. The Board of Directors must ensure the credibility of accounting system, financial statements, and accounting audit.
  3. The Board of Directors must establish a code of conduct for the Company for compliance by the Board, the executives, employees, and all employees together with the Company’s regulations.
  4. The Board of Directors must arrange for disclosure of financial and non-financial information to be carried out adequately, credibly, promptly and fairly for all shareholders and stakeholders. Corporate Communications and Investor Relations are responsible for such disclosure to investors and the public.
  5. Shareholders and stakeholder should have access to information through proper communication channels with the Company to ensure fair and equitable treatment.
  6. A proper recruitment procedure for the appointment of key management personnel under a fair and transparent nomination process.
Corporate Governance Policy

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